Hey, I’m Linda and I help you lose weight for good….

Yes, even if you’ve tried the “it doesn’t matter what you eat, just eat less and exercise more diet…”

Or “just eat salads without protein (dressing on the side, please)...”

Or weighing and measuring for months (maybe even years!)... 

Here’s what happened…

You lost some weight (for a little bit).  But you’re constantly hungry, tired, your sleep is messed up and you’re not feeling good about yourself because you weren’t successful and damn, swimsuit season is just around the corner. Again. 

Because you have hope, you repeat the process over and over until at some point you just give up.  

Still got that hope? Good.  Because I’m inviting you to do it differently this time. 

Sounds like what you need but asking, “Linda but how do I know this works?”

Because I’ve been there, too…

My journey began when I went to an integrative medical doctor for symptoms relating to peri-menopause. 

It was through that I discovered a whole other world of healing.  I learned the difference between standard medicine (treat the illness) and integrative medicine (find the source of the illness and eliminate or fix the source of the problem).  

It was a huge turning point for me, my family and my friends.  

This also helped me discover that my son is dairy intolerant and my daughter is gluten intolerant which solved a myriad of health problems for them.  

 For me the changes brought hormonal balance, weight loss, better muscle development, stronger bones, great sleep and endless energy. 

Today I don’t feel any older than I did 30 years ago. I am energetic, fit and healthy and can keep up with anyone. 

(including a hike 10 miles up a mountain or ski down a black diamond run) 

And now I can help you do the same…

No shortcuts, quick fixes or gimmicks. Your body wants to be healthy, it wants to be energetic, it wants to serve you well and take you far, but it needs for you to provide it with the tools.  

Let’s create an effortless relationship with food and make lifestyle changes that will serve you in all areas of your life. 

Your unique circumstances will be the cornerstone of everything we do, because no two lifestyles are the same and for any plan to be successful it has to work FOR you, not against you.

Are you ready to achieve your ideal body weight, heal your body and take back your life? Book a free Discovery call and let’s see if we’re the right fit for working together.    

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