The Primal fitness philosophy is patterned after the lifestyle of our ancestors to promote optimal gene expression and a versatile, highly functional state of fitness.  In contrast, narrowly specialized fitness goals can often become too extreme and thereby compromise general health.  

True fitness involves full-body, functional exercises that develop broad athletic competency and a balanced physique.  This allows you to pursue a variety of fitness and athletic goals without the risk of overtraining and injury common with narrowly focused programs. 

Pursue broad athletic competency with an intuitive bend of workouts honoring the three Primal Blueprint fitness laws: Move Frequently at a Slow Pace; Lift Heavy Things; Sprint Once in a While.  The Primal Essential Movements (PEM’s): pushups, pull-ups, squats and planks – comprise a highly functional, high intensity, total body workout that is simple to learn and safe to perform. The PEM’s offer a series of progressions from easy to advanced for each exercise, making them appealing to even novice fitness enthusiasts.  

Regular brief, intense strength training sessions and occasional all-out sprints promote optimal gene expression and broad athletic competency.  Enjoy more benefits in a fraction of the time spent doing the chronic exercise advocated by conventional wisdom.

Chris Becker