The Primal Blueprint food pyramid recommends a highly varied diet consisting of vegetables, meat, fish, fowl, eggs, healthy fats, moderate consumption of fruit, diary, nuts, seeds and complex carbohydrates like sweet potatoes or squash, and occasional sensible indulgences like dark chocolate and red wine.   Nowhere on the food pyramid are there any grains or other processed foods. 

71 percent of daily calories in the Standard American Diet come from “modern” foods that were entirely absent from our ancestor’s diets.  Absent from our ancestor’s diets were the agricultural foods that appeared and became predominant 7,000 years ago and the preponderance of processed foods and industrialized high polyunsaturated vegetable/seed oils consumed widely today.   

Eating a diet rich in vegetables, an appropriate amount of protein for your size and activity level (.07 – 1.0 grams of protein per lean muscle mass), a limited quantity of fruits and complex carbs (see carbohydrate curve graph) and enough healthy fats to make up most of the rest of the calories you need. Healthy fats and oils were the primary energy source for our ancestors and they should be for you too.  

Eating Primally enables one to become less reliant upon external fuel sources for energy (i.e. continuous carb re-feeding).  This means that overall caloric intake can decline as you efficiently process internal fuel sources such as stored body fat, stored muscle and liver glycogen, ketones, and glucose made through gluconeogenesis (the conversion of amino acids into glucose).  Being able to survive, and indeed thrive, on fewer calories not only predicts successful weight management, but also strongly correlates with longevity. 

Always eat with a full awareness and appreciation of natural hunger and satiety cycles.  Always eat WHEN “When Hunger Ensues Naturally” and enjoy exploring all the wonderful foods available to you, there’s never a reason to feel deprived or for going without.  

Chris Becker