Your body prefers burning fat over carbs.  Due to the misinterpretation of health and dietary science that began a few decades ago, we have been socialized into the Standard American Diet.  A diet based on the low fat, high carb model.  We were convinced, erroneously, that carbohydrates (and the glucose and stored glycogen they generate) are what our bodies prefer to burn, because carbs burn quickly and easily, and because certain vital organs like the brain cannot live without them.  This was not accurate information, the Standard American Diet of the past few generations have been an unmitigated disaster as people have never been heavier or unhealthier.  Operating a mostly sugar-burning engine (sugar, grains, processed carbs) will likely lead to a lifelong insidious weight gain, systemic inflammation and interference with healthy immune and hormonal functions.  

Excess insulin production from a high-carbohydrate diet is believed to be the worst health problem in modern life.  The Primal Blueprint Carbohydrate Curve illustrates how carbohydrates impact the human body and the degree to which we need them, or don’t need them in our diet.  Carb intake is the decisive factor in your weight management success or failure.  Eliminating grains and sugars from your diet could be the number one most beneficial thing you ever do for your health.  

Even those with “skinny genes” (those who appear thin even though they consume the Standard American Diet) who are not predisposed to storing excess body fat, nevertheless suffer from the oxidative, pro-inflammatory, health-compromising effects of a high insulin-producing diet and will most likely encounter a variety of health ailments in the days ahead.

Insulin resistance and other disease risk factors can be reversed in 21 days by restricting carbohydrate intake and allowing insulin production to moderate.  The rate of progress and level of success varies with the level of previous damage sustained, level of compliance, and familial genetics.  

Chris Becker