Happy 16th Birthday Daizy! 

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Pets are people too. Well, not really, but we talk about human health a lot these days, but what about pet health?

It's not only people who are sicker and more overweight these days than ever, but so are people’s pets.

Daizy came to us with a bunch of issues with her digestion. For years we struggled with this. We thought we were buying her high quality dog food, and all in all it wasn't a super bad brand, but it just wasn't doing the trick. Diarrhea, vomiting, bloody stools, abdominal pain so severe she would cry out when we would pick her, several trips to ER and many trips to her regular vet yielded no solutions or significant improvements. While her regular vet was competent enough, in the end, their only solution was a really crappy brand of bland dog food and the suggestion that we give her Pepcid anytime she felt bad.

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Hmmm. By this time (2010) I knew better. We had moved on to clean eating and integrative medicine. I knew that medications like this only mask symptoms, they don't cure anything. This is the same thing that happens in standard medicine, if you don't feel good, pop a pill. I switched her to an integrative veterinarian and magic happened. A big nope on the Pepcid. We added probiotics, digestive enzymes and cod liver oil. We changed her food, for a few years I made her food, but when I couldn't keep that up we tried different kinds of canned foods that were grain free and were made with real meat and vegetables until we found a brand she liked and seemed to digest well. She also gets a serving of homemade bone broth everyday, and a taste of bacon and eggs if I'm eating that as well. Okay, maybe she's a little spoiled. But here's the scoop, she's in really great shape. She can't hear super well, or see super well, but physically and mentally she's a pistol, no one who meets her can believe she is 16. That's around 112 in people years BTW. Her digestion isn't perfect still today, but it's 95% better and we can live with that.

If you are suffering from persistent health issues. Or weight issues. And you're not finding any solutions other than the "pop a pill" approach, or the "you just have to live with it" approach, consider working with a Health Coach to help you find the lifestyle answers that will help you live a healthier life. Book a free Coaching Call and let's talk about how I can help you achieve your goals.

Linda Bishop