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Ready to ditch the constant dieting and lose weight effortlessly for the last time?


I’ve been where you are.  That place where your weight just starts creeping up even though you think you are eating and exercising correctly.   So, you start eating less - eliminating protein and fat and exercising more. But the weight doesn’t budge and you’re always hungry.  The problem is, you’re working from a flawed plan. 

With the right tools and the right plan you can be successful in your weight loss journey.  I am your support system, the person you can talk to, the person who has your back. I am here for you all the way to guide and support you.

We’re a good match if you’re sick of DIY’ing your way through your weight loss journey.

You’ve tried the diets your friends are doing (tips they learned from friends while scrolling through Facebook), but everyone fell off the wagon. You signed up for one of those weight loss plans (the ones where you count points, buy frozen food and get weighed at the meetings) but only achieved marginal success.  Or maybe you’ve tried to piece together a “plan” that just hasn’t been all that effective. 

That’s where working with a coach makes a big difference.  We will work on nutrition, lifestyle (sleep, stress management) and fitness objectives. Everything we do is built around your unique circumstances to maximize success.

I discovered that it was not just food that made a difference in my health, but exercise (done properly), sleep, stress management and mindset.  By implementing gradual changes in these lifestyle factors, you can make significant changes in your health and create a sustainable, easy to manage lifestyle for you and your family.  Weight will fall off and health markers will improve.

The high carb, low fat, low protein model we’ve been following for the past 50 years has been a lie and a failure.  To be successful, you need to fuel the body with nutritious foods that burn long and slow - that help you, not harm you. You will develop Metabolic Flexibility, which simply means that your metabolism will develop the ability to adapt to conditional changes. You will NO LONGER be a slave to eating or exercising! Once you learn HOW your body works, you will be in the driver’s seat.




Metabolic Magic    

12 Week Signature Program covering eating guidelines and lifestyle education (exercise, sleep and stress management).

  • Initial 60-90 minute Client Meeting covering eating guidelines and lifestyle education (exercise, sleep and stress management).

  • The first session will include a nutrition and goal assessment and action plan.

  • The remaining sessions will be check-ins to assess goals and progress, ask questions, and discuss obstacles and re-introductions.

  • Client information packet (the does and don’ts of what to buy/eat) food lists, foods to use, foods to lose.

  • Handouts, worksheets

  • Weekly email check-ins, text support


The Power Hour

  • 1 on 1 On Demand Coaching Calls

  • Not ready to make a long-term commitment?

  • Have a handle on the basics, but want occasional support?

    Then the Power Hour is for you. Book a time based on your needs and schedule.


Add-on offerings

**NOTE: these options are only available if you purchase a package and are local.**

Pantry Makeover

Need help with re-stocking the pantry or just deciding what to buy? I can help you with that. 

Grocery Shopping

Need help with re-stocking the pantry or just help deciding what to buy? I can help you with that.


Payment plans available


Cooking Help/Support/Lessons

In the dark about what or how to cook for yourself or your family while juggling a busy schedule?