+ What Does Being Primal Mean?

What to eat is such a hot topic these days. It seems as if every day there is a new philosophy, program, or book that will solve your weight or health problems. The reality is that no two people are the same. It’s true, some foods are universally bad news, some are just bad for certain people. Sometimes it can be difficult to figure. Yes, there’s the “eat what our ancestors ate” tagline. But really, it’s about eating REAL food. Food that we have evolved to eat over thousands of years. Food that hasn’t been processed. Food that agrees with YOU. Food that makes YOU feel good. Food that DOESN’T make you sick. The saying you are what you eat really is TRUE!

Don’t accept bad health because you think you are “defective” or you've inherited bad genes. You have influence! It's true, some traits are fixed, like the color of your eyes, but some genes can be influenced by your lifestyle choices. Let me show you how.

In order to optimize gene expression, we need to eliminate the foods that negatively impact our cravings, metabolism, digestion, and immune system. This reprogramming of your system will transition you from relying on sugar for energy and instead burn fat from your body.

+ Many who follow the Primal way experience:

  • Weight Loss
  • Increased fat burning
  • Increased energy, mental clarity and improved sleep
  • Improved digestion, frequently lessening or eliminating digestive disorders such as bloating, gas, constipation or diarrhea
  • Reduction in joint pain which is often a result of inflammation
  • Improvement in skin conditions such as eczema or acne
  • Reduction in headaches
  • Regulation of blood sugar
  • Improved immune function
  • Better sleep
  • No more sugar cravings or crashing when you don’t eat every two hours

Do you have a health problem you can’t figure out? Do you feel vaguely unwell? Your doctor has no answers? It’s quite possible something you have been eating your whole life isn't working for you.

+ What about my family? What do I feed them?

Feed them what you are eating. There is no downside to eating real, nutrient dense foods. They will reap the same rewards that you will. Depending on their ages, you may need to ease them into these changes, but that is the secret word: EASE. Preaching doesn’t work. Just slip those healthy foods on their plates and before you know it, that’s all they know! As they grow up, these are the foods they will gravitate towards even when faced with other choices. As a mom myself, I can help you with that process.

+ I’m a busy parent on the go with hardly a minute to spare. How can I sneak in self-care when I barely have time to take care of everything that needs to get done?

As a working mom myself, I understand the problem. You need to make eating, exercising, and sleeping as important as everything else in your life. Not just for you, but for your family as well. The benefits for the whole family are better health, a more pleasant life, a healthy future and a good role model. As a Health Coach and a working mom who has always prepared most of her family’s meals, I can help you learn how to make that happen. It’s another avenue of support where my experience can be of benefit to you.

+ Will I have to stop eating my favorite foods? How do you help people get past their inner voices that tell them, “Life is short, eat the cake.”

Depends on what those favorite foods are. But here’s the thing: Once you understand how food choices effect your health and your metabolism, you will happily make the decisions that make you feel and look your best. It won’t feel like a sacrifice; it will feel like freedom! You won’t be sacrificing flavor or variety. In fact, I think you will find your palate expanding, and I can guarantee you that you will be eating foods that are delicious, colorful, nutrient dense, and provide you with energy.

+ How do I eat when I travel?

Once you have the tools and the understanding, it’s not that hard. There are many great food choices both in the grocery store and in restaurants. I will help you learn what foods to take with you, what to pop into the store and buy once you arrive, and what to order off the menu.

+ I feel like I am stuck in my ways. I know I have several bad habits around sleep and diet. What’s your number one piece of advice relating to breaking bad habits and developing good ones?

To be successful, you need to be serious in your commitment about wanting to make the change. Then, you need to accept that change takes time, you will have setbacks, and new habits don't happen overnight. If you are committed, you will get there. A Health Coach will keep you accountable to the goals you have decided upon together.

+ How could working with a Health Coach help me personalize and put into practice what I need to do to make changes in my life?

There’s a lot of information out there in the health-sphere. A Health Coach works with you to sift through the information as it applies to you, helps you define your goals, and creates a workable, sustainable plan. We will work together for a successful outcome for you.

It only takes one decision to change the rest of your life. Make it a good one.