“Gluten free” isn’t as healthy as you think

Find out why going “gluten free” isn’t good enough.


Keys to Lasting Health



80% of your body composition is determined by what you eat. You can’t outsmart a bad diet, it’s the foundation for everything you do.



Strive for some form of exercise every day. You’re not going to do a heavy gym workout every day, but go for a walk, ride your bike to the office, run up and down the stairs, do push ups during commercials, get creative!


Sleep is the master regulator of your hormones. Without proper sleep, your hormones go on a wild ride. When this happens, health and weight loss will remain elusive no matter how little you eat, it’s important to understand that.

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Meet your Health Coach

My name is Linda Bishop and I’m a certified Health Coach.

Maybe you’ve given up on yourself, you don’t know which way to turn, there’s too much conflicting information out there.


With the right help, you can get there. Let me show you how, without fussiness, deprivation or gimmicks, you can make permanent long-term changes that will transform your life.

Let ME help YOU make the changes that will last a lifetime!

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HAVE YOU TRIED EVERYTHING? have you gotten the results you were looking for?

Have you been following the Standard American Diet (SAD) and not seen results? You know, the high carbohydrate, low fat diet that we were told would lead to our perfect weight and joyful health.

Are you over exercising because someone told you all you had to do was eat less and exercise more? That what you ate didn’t matter.

Have you been weighing and measuring your food? Eating salads without dressing for lunch and dinner?


Have you not done anything because you are too busy or too overwhelmed or you don’t know who to believe? Or have you tried a bunch of “diets” and gained the weight back because it was too hard to manage and the results you were getting weren’t worth the sacrifices, and those nagging health problems still exist.

My guess is you have not had sustained weight loss, that you haven’t solved your health problems, that you haven’t seen an improvement in energy, sleep, body composition or mood. It hasn’t been your fault. It was bad advice. The advice came from “professionals” after all, why wouldn’t you follow it? I know I did. It’s time to unlearn everything you’ve been taught. I know that sounds crazy, but it’s true.

If you want to enjoy what you are eating, incorporate realistic exercise and movement into your life, while not feeling deprived or feeling like a failure when your day didn’t go according to plan, this is where I can help you. You need to ditch the conventional advice and understand HOW what you eat and how you exercise effects your metabolism and your health. No crazy pills or supplements or smoothies are necessary, just nutrient dense foods that work for you and an exercise plan you can sustain.

If you are ready to learn how easy it is achieve the results you want once you have the tools and support in place, book a free 30 minute call with me and Iet’s get started!